Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Welcome to the New Blog!

Hi everybody.
I am Kinsey, and I am here with Dr Zoe. We are having a blast designing the new blog.
A sudden knock on the door jolted us out of our juvenile folly and back into reality. I quickly remembered that I had an appointment with the newly-retired Lady Sparkle to help find her a home. "Come in, and welcome." I said.
Lady Sparkle lives up to her name. She is bigger that life itself. "Helllooo Kinsey!!!!! So good to see you again my friend," beamed Lady Sparkle. "Last time I saw you was on our ski trip. Oh my heavens above, THAT was a very chilly trip. Not sure if my old bones like the cold anymore."

Lady Sparkle embraced me with a big bear hug that almost squeezed the breath of life out of me.
I inhaled deeply to re-inflate my lungs and I introduced her to Dr Zoe.

I explained to Lady Sparkle that we were making a new blog, and that she would be making a cameo appearance in the first entry. Suddenly Lady Sparkle became all self conscious. "I never realized that I was going to be photographed. Maybe I should have . . "

"Oh Lady Sparkle, you look fantastic," I interjected. "We are very relaxed around here. Life is all about family and friendships."
"Oh, that is so good to hear. Life as a costume maker and seamstress for the Moulin Rouge was constantly about looks and presentation. Being able to relax and let my hair down will be a big relief – well, maybe I will keep the big hair," she said. We all laughed.

And from all of us, thanks for joining and see you all soon.