Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas From A Cat's Perspective

Hi everyone - Mr Nova here.
Every year when the weather turns colder, the humans begin to act very weird. 
It must have something to do with the furnace being turned on.
They try to dress Kovu and I in a hideous white beard and red hat. 
Do humans understand that cats do NOT wear clothing? We have our dignity to preserve.
The other strange thing is they begin to set up a fake tree in the great room right next to the fireplace. They then adorn it with sparkly, glittery CAT toys that we are NOT allowed to touch. 
Humans can be so mean-spirited sometimes.
Underneath this tree they place a velvet cat blanket. We can only enjoy it for a short while before they start covering it up with objects wrapped in colorful paper. Kovu and I cannot fathom why they set this all up without leaving any room for us to sleep.
If we try to see what is inside the packages, the humans just growl at us. Why put pretty bows on top if we are not allowed to play with them?
A few days later they just rip all the paper off anyway. We could have helped them with this process.
Kovu and I just sit in the pile of paper and shake our heads.
At least we are allowed to play with this paper for a while.
And don't get me started as to why they decorate the trees outside. Total lunacy. 
Can't they see that it is snowing? and cold? and pointless?
Humans!!!!! We cannot understand them, but cannot live without them either! 
Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mr Nova - Painting Assistant

Builder Sam here.
I am taking a quick break from my dollhouses to paint another one of my children's bedrooms.

My kids are growing up and want more grown up designs.
Nova was curiously asking what color was in the paint can. He got excited when I said a kind of grey.

 I hardly had the heart to tell Nova that cat fur in the paint tray is not really the look I was going for.

Nova is fearless. He climbs ladders with way more confidence than I do!!!!!

Time to get busy.