Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all

Hi everyone - Kinsey here.

I just want to wish you all a Happy Fall.

Autumn is such a beautiful season. Make sure to take some time to sit and enjoy the great outdoors.

I love breathing the cool, crisp air, and seeing the leaves magically changing color.

Time to enjoy some apple cider and hot cinnamon donuts.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kinsey's House Quandary

Builder Sam here.
Remember Kinsey's house?

I was moving it to Willow Ridge when I hit a rather large snag. Or a small one - depends on how you look at it.
Kinsey's house is 32 inches long. The doorway to the basement is only 30 inches.
Mr Kovu suggested turning the house sideways, but it was still too wide.
It seemed hopeless. No matter which way we turned it, it just simply was not going to fit.

I told Kinsey that her house was not going to make it to Willow Ridge. Kinsey was adamant that she wanted to be in Willow Ridge and that I HAD to make it happen.
I studied the house for a while.  With my hammer and chisel, I managed to pry the roof off.
That was the answer!
Without the roof and tower attached, the body of the house is just under 30 inches.

Bit of a tight squeeze, but it fit through the doorway. Yay! Kinsey will be happy - I think. The roof will be reattached but will be removable for moving purposes.

Now I just need to finish it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Builder Sam Update

Hi everyone. There have been many changes around here, hence the move to a new blog.
Willow Ridge has now been set up in the basement. This area is for the Elven community to live safely away from the cats, Nova and Kovu.

The cats are wonderful beasts, but when the sun goes down and under the cover of darkness, their animal instincts kick in. They love to chew on dollhouses and cause mischief.

Of course, Mr Nova is not thrilled with the dollhouses moving, nor is he happy with me telling you his faults. Here is a picture of my grumpy cat. I told him that his day job of inspecting the houses will remain in effect but he is still not satisfied.

You may remember from the old blog that I initially tried to integrate the Barbie community with the dollhouses, but it was too hard to access everything and so changes had to be made.

Barbie Land was relocated and so were the hideous plastic shelves. Nine wooden tables took their place. Larger houses will go on top and the smaller houses will go underneath.

Now it is time to let Kinsey be an active realtor selling properties. As for Isabelle, she will be back one day I am fairly sure. She is still traveling with the Doctor and will be fine. (Most of his companions come home safely although somewhat changed. Hopefully for the better.)
That's all for now.