Saturday, March 23, 2019

Ernie and Blanche Return

"Gee, it is great to be back home," thought Ernie as he looked out at his garden. A pang of guilt flooded through him as he remembered the loyal tenants that he had evicted. However, he was happy knowing that his wife Blanche would be arriving home very soon, as she had been in the hospital for the past few weeks.

Ernie was also expecting two other visitors; Dr Zoe and a live-in home-care nurse named Cassie. He was glad to see both of the health care workers arrive early.
As they engaged in some small talk, they heard the ambulance roll up. Ernie could hardly wait to see his beloved Blanche.
And even before the ambulance personnel were able to get Blanche out of the rig, Ernie jumped in and gave his wife a hug and a kiss. It was a very tender moment.
After getting Blanche settled comfortably in her home, Dr Zoe and Nurse Cassie stood on the porch and chatted for a while.

Dr Zoe told Nurse Cassie that she is currently renovating an old house into a doctor's office.
"Why only a doctor's office?" asked Nurse Cassie. "Why not go bigger and build a hospital? After all, you do know about the special funding that is available this year for doll hospitals, right?"
Special funding? Dr Zoe was intrigued.

After their conversation, Dr Zoe walked away in a dreamlike state with her eyes sparkling. "Imagine getting free money to build a hospital. . . ."

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Vacation Time

Kinsey and Kitty were quite tired after the big move.

They arrived at the caravan park, which will be Kinsey's temporary home until her real house is finished. Kinsey and Kitty met Hayley, the caravan park owner, at the office door.

Kinsey introduced her sister Kitty to Hayley.

"The Winnebago is over there," said Hayley.

Hayley offered to drive the van closer so they wouldn't have to carry their luggage very far. The two weary sisters thought that it was a lovely gesture.

Hayley expertly maneuvered the recreational vehicle closer to them.

"This is the last move of the day," Kinsey declared.
"Thank goodness," Kitty said. "My arms are about to drop off."

With a quick wave goodbye, the two sisters were off on an adventure.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Foam and Dr Zoe's House - Part Four

Hi everyone,
Thumbkin is fine. Thanks for your comments. I must be a glutton for punishment as I have been carving more foam (but doing it very carefully).

I was going to use paper mache for the stove surround, but there is something very satisfying about carving builder's foam. I have some cool dental tools which are fun to use. I sketch out roughly what I want with a pen and then carve in the details. I have been making fireplaces for both Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel.

The foam actually takes paint quite well. I have used this method before to make a base for my Greenleaf Tennyson (even though a Newberg dollhouse is currently sitting on top of it).

The only problem is that it chips very easily and then you can see the blue foam.

This is not a good method for a dollhouse base, whereas the paper mache rocks on the exterior of the Westville are set like concrete and are extremely difficult to damage.

Dr Zoe and I decided to just go with the foam rocks over and around the stove. (As Dr Zoe pointed out, she will not be bumping them like the clumsy human does!)

It seems quite obvious that she has also consulted with Harley (the Tree Ent) as her house is beginning to have tree branches/roots taking over. I guess that she also wants a tree-house home.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

When Thumbkin Met Stanley

Let's just say that these two were never meant to meet!

Thumbkin got to experience Stanley's point.

Fortunately it was only a minor fight. No major damage.
A bit of antiseptic, a bandaid and all is well.
Thumbkin now has a very healthy respect for Stanley.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dr Zoe's House - Part Three

Hi everyone,
While Kinsey and Kitty are busy with moving and preparing for a vacation, Dr Zoe reminded me that she wanted some stone work around her cast iron stove.

I made a quick mock up from foam to check for size. Dr Zoe said it was just right.

I did some quick carving into the foam to resemble stonework.

I liked the idea and thought that maybe I could just cover the foam with spackle.

Feeling rather pleased with myself, I left it for a whole week to dry.
But to my dismay, it was still slightly wet and gooey underneath. Not so good.
Looks like I will have to resort to my trusty ol' paper mache tricks to make rocks.