Monday, November 15, 2021

Postcards from Isabelle and Kinsey

Hi everyone,

I was looking through some Christmas pictures from last year and remembered that one of the best gifts I received was from one of my daughters.Hidden in the Christmas tree were two letters addressed to me. The first was from Isabelle.

It is so good to "see" and hear from Isabelle and know that she is planning on coming back soon. The other letter was from Kinsey and Kitty.

I was really surprised and delighted with the postcards. (Looks like my kids really want me to keep blogging about the inhabitants of Willow Ridge and Oakleaf Forest.)
I noticed that Kitty is holding and eating a gingerbread cookie shaped like a cat. Every year my youngest bakes gingerbread cookies for all the kids to decorate. (My daughters always make a cat and an Australian shaped cookie for me. So sweet!)
Here are some of the cookies we had last Christmas.
Cheerio for now,


  1. How wonderful! Your daughter is as creative and artistically talented as her amazing mom! And extraordinarily thoughtful! All of us want to to continue this delightful blog. Hope you find the time and the inspiration to come back soon! Hugs!

  2. Hi Sam! It's not only your kids that really want you to keep blogging about the inhabitants of Willow Ridge and Oakleaf Forest ... you have a whole audience here waiting!! :)
    Lovely Christmas photos, those gingerbreads look divine ... YUM!
    Big hugs,

  3. They're not the only ones! We all love hearing about the adventures and everyday happenings.

  4. This is really touching - what a sweet memory... and a gorgeous idea of your daughters. And I think looking at those pictures from last year brought you right into the perfect Christmas mood... I now suppose 'tis the season for kitty gingerbread.