Saturday, March 23, 2019

Ernie and Blanche Return

"Gee, it is great to be back home," thought Ernie as he looked out at his garden. A pang of guilt flooded through him as he remembered the loyal tenants that he had evicted. However, he was happy knowing that his wife Blanche would be arriving home very soon, as she had been in the hospital for the past few weeks.

Ernie was also expecting two other visitors; Dr Zoe and a live-in home-care nurse named Cassie. He was glad to see both of the health care workers arrive early.
As they engaged in some small talk, they heard the ambulance roll up. Ernie could hardly wait to see his beloved Blanche.
And even before the ambulance personnel were able to get Blanche out of the rig, Ernie jumped in and gave his wife a hug and a kiss. It was a very tender moment.
After getting Blanche settled comfortably in her home, Dr Zoe and Nurse Cassie stood on the porch and chatted for a while.

Dr Zoe told Nurse Cassie that she is currently renovating an old house into a doctor's office.
"Why only a doctor's office?" asked Nurse Cassie. "Why not go bigger and build a hospital? After all, you do know about the special funding that is available this year for doll hospitals, right?"
Special funding? Dr Zoe was intrigued.

After their conversation, Dr Zoe walked away in a dreamlike state with her eyes sparkling. "Imagine getting free money to build a hospital. . . ."


  1. Oh my a doll hospital!

  2. I think that there may be a new Hospital on the horizon.... meanwhile I am glad to see that Blanche and Earnie are re-united once again and that she 'll continue to have the at home care she needs from Nurse Cassie.

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful little story, I love the house and it's great that the couple have been reunited again after the lady's hospital stay.
    And wow, a doll hospital!!! That is an exciting prospect!

  4. Great to see you posting again Sam. This was such a "tender moment" story, so nice to see Blanch and Earnie engaged in a little cuddle. :) I'm pleased that Blanch will have home care until she is back on her feet again. So it looks like a hospital is being built in the very near future?? How exciting, you do take on some big challenges don't you?

    Now don't leave it so long before posting again, we miss hearing from you and your family of little ones.
    Big hug,

  5. Hello Sam,
    It is so nice to see them back in their home...together at last. I think a new hospital is always a great idea. :)
    Big hug,

  6. It was really touching to see Blanche's arrival at home… and it's great to know that she'll be in good hands. And how exciting - funding for doll hospitals... I have a strong feeling Dr. Zoe will make her dreams come true!


  7. Hey there Sam! Are you retiring from blogging? I cannot believe it's been over five months since you last posted here, I miss you. :)
    Big hugs,