Sunday, December 2, 2018

Vacation Time

Kinsey and Kitty were quite tired after the big move.

They arrived at the caravan park, which will be Kinsey's temporary home until her real house is finished. Kinsey and Kitty met Hayley, the caravan park owner, at the office door.

Kinsey introduced her sister Kitty to Hayley.

"The Winnebago is over there," said Hayley.

Hayley offered to drive the van closer so they wouldn't have to carry their luggage very far. The two weary sisters thought that it was a lovely gesture.

Hayley expertly maneuvered the recreational vehicle closer to them.

"This is the last move of the day," Kinsey declared.
"Thank goodness," Kitty said. "My arms are about to drop off."

With a quick wave goodbye, the two sisters were off on an adventure.


  1. Oh poor dears! They must be so tired.

  2. Oh the childhood memories the Winnebago brings back! So much fun, Sam, thank you! I know they'll have amazing times on their journey and time will fly by until Kinsey gets truly settled into her new diggs!

  3. Kinsey and Kitty have really earned themselves a little vacation after all these exciting times and all the work this caused. I hope they'll have loads of fun on their trip - meanwhile I'm admiring your equipment… a Winnebago... wow! ;O)


  4. OMG Sam! You find the most wonderful props for your PukiFees, that Winnebago is to die for!!
    Hope the girls have a wonderful adventure, they deserve it. :)
    Big Hugs,

  5. Oh I really LOVE the Winnebago, how cute is that! I think the girls are going to have a fantastic time traveling about in that. I love the little leather luggage too :)