Sunday, October 28, 2018

Foam and Dr Zoe's House - Part Four

Hi everyone,
Thumbkin is fine. Thanks for your comments. I must be a glutton for punishment as I have been carving more foam (but doing it very carefully).

I was going to use paper mache for the stove surround, but there is something very satisfying about carving builder's foam. I have some cool dental tools which are fun to use. I sketch out roughly what I want with a pen and then carve in the details. I have been making fireplaces for both Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel.

The foam actually takes paint quite well. I have used this method before to make a base for my Greenleaf Tennyson (even though a Newberg dollhouse is currently sitting on top of it).

The only problem is that it chips very easily and then you can see the blue foam.

This is not a good method for a dollhouse base, whereas the paper mache rocks on the exterior of the Westville are set like concrete and are extremely difficult to damage.

Dr Zoe and I decided to just go with the foam rocks over and around the stove. (As Dr Zoe pointed out, she will not be bumping them like the clumsy human does!)

It seems quite obvious that she has also consulted with Harley (the Tree Ent) as her house is beginning to have tree branches/roots taking over. I guess that she also wants a tree-house home.



  1. Love the bricks! Dr Zoe's house is coming along!

  2. Thanks everyone for your comments on my other blog letting me know that there was a glitch with the comment section here. Hopefully it is working now.

  3. Hi Sam, I had some catching up to do.
    Glad your thumb is intact!
    Love the technique above, carving in foam board. Very interested to see where this goes.

  4. It's good to hear that thumbkin is okay and that both of you are already up to new adventures… Your fireplaces turned out awesome and I suppose inside of the house there will be no trouble with chips. And how exciting that there will be another tree house!


  5. It's really coming along nicely, those fireplaces are really great, and will keep them nice and warm through the winter :)

  6. Testing, testing... Yeah!

  7. Hi Sam!
    So glad you got it fixed.

    The builders foam looks very effective, pity about the chipping though. So have you used a primer beforehand when you have used it before or a sealant of some kind, or just the paint? It seems such a shame not to use the foam when it can be manipulated and carved so well, the first fireplace looks brilliant!! And as you say at least inside the house it's less likely to get chipped. Have fingers crossed. :)
    Big hugs,

  8. Hi Sam! I am glad to hear the thumb is better! I think your fireplaces ROCK!!! LOL! They really look great and if they aren't in danger of being chipped, it makes sense to use the foam! I think the vines growing up the house are a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see more!!! :)