Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cat on a Solid Wood Roof

I am taking a break from working on the Amberwood, and have given Dr Zoe's house a new roof.
The Building inspector was sent out to check that it was sturdy.
I am guessing that it was because he was found SLEEPING on the job!

"Oh, I was not sleeping," said Mr Nova quite groggily. "I was merely resting my eyes whilst testing the roof."

Mr Nova assured me that everything was in order and that construction could continue.
Dr Zoe is quite pleased with the renovations. Here she is, showing off her new living room.

Many of the window and stair cutouts have been filled in and new ones created. Dr Zoe knows exactly how she wants her house to be laid out. In the kitchen, she is planning on renovating this old cast iron stove and surrounding in with stonework.  (Who steals legs off a stove?)

Dr Zoe wanted a big window over the sink so that she can enjoy the sunshine when washing dishes.
But the thing she loves most in this house, is the new window seat in the library.

ZZZZZZzzzzZZ came the sound from the roof.  Looks like Mr Nova was dozing off again!!!
Back to work.


  1. Se vislumbra un gran proyecto, a su gato le encanta,feliz día:-)

  2. Hi Sam,
    This house is really making me wish I was a doll! LOL! I love that Dr.Zoe has a similar taste to my own . . . one definitely needs a window over the sink to view the garden and a window seat in the library to look out on those dreary rainy days. I can't wait to see what you do next. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu. I am not really sure where I am going with most of my projects. I am just going to keep working on them and see what happens. That is my goal this year - just do them!

  3. I love Mr Nova! Cats have a very special way of helping ;-)
    The house is moving along. The windows seat looks like nice place to relax with a book and a cup of tea!

    1. Thanks Veronique. I love Mr Nova too! He is a great helper and companion.

  4. Just catching up with reading your blog! Just love your building inspector. I didn't hear snoring, I heard someone sawing logs! 😉