Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kinsey's House - Part Two

Kinsey was fascinated with the tree-like exterior growing on Fairy Hazel's house.
Hazel explained that trees have an innate knowledge that they have a particular purpose in life whether it be for furniture, the walls of a house, or even firewood. However, it has been found that some wood likes to keep growing.
There is a forest creature called an "Ent-elf" who can communicate with the soul of the wood to see if it wants to do so.
Kinsey was quite interested with the idea of a living tree-house. "If the wood of my house wants to grow freely, I shall let it!" she exclaimed.
Hazel said that she would arrange for the Ent-elf to visit Kinsey's house sometime next week, but he would need some area of bare wood available.
(The old siding around the porch area was the first to go.)

During the siding demolition, Kinsey noticed that she had really cheap porch flooring and wanted it to be removed.

Floor boards should not come off in one piece!

The porch ceiling was the same material as the floor so that came down as well.

One stripped-down, bare porch ready for meeting with the Ent-elf.


  1. Hello Sam,
    I think the renovated home will be even more beautiful. I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug

  2. Hmm, this Ent-elf fella sounds interesting. Can't wait to find out what the wood tells him. A living home must be so healthy ;-)

    1. Hi Veronique. Yes, a living home does sound interesting. (I just hope that I can do this!!!!)

  3. An Ent-Elf blessing! - how exciting!
    Kinsey's renovations are off to a great start Sam!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I hope so. Doing something different is really scary!

  4. Ah ha this all sounds very interesting Sam. An Ent-elf eh? I've heard of Ents, but not and Ent-elf, can't wait to meet him/her. I'm also wondering if that porch area isn't going to change into living tree. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu. Yes, I think you are right!