Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Amberwood - Part Five

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and ideas.
I realized that it was the acid-yellow paint and the black that I really disliked.
I painted over it all with a cream color and a brown antique wash.
I like it a lot better than before but it is not quite aged the way I want.
I need to add some more subtle colors and build the layers slowly.
I want to put this project on hold so I put a bunch of windows and doors to see what it would look like. (I know the windows are wrong for this type of house so I need to get some different ones.)

When I put the house back in the foyer, I noticed that the lovely bay window was hidden in the corner. I tried turning the table sideways, and although it does clear the front door it looks really odd in this location.

 Looks like this will be the first house going down to Willow Ridge.
This house will be continued at a later date.


  1. Hi Sam! It is Wonderful to see that your vision for Amberwood is being translated into reality with each new adjustment you make!
    I LOVE the Antiqued Cream color and how Right you were to readjust it from the previous color combinations.
    I LOVE the close up photo of the carved detail which you've wrapped around the house, because one can better see the texture, the highlights, the shadowed recesses and your FABULOUS applied aging- Beautifully Done Sam- Keep it Going! :D


  2. You are on to something with the creme and brown - it looks great! I got kind of stuck and uninspired with the soap shop, so I am letting it stew for a while, too. I wonder how the house would look if you adjusted it to a kitty-corner position? And speaking of kitties - what is it with them and perching on top of dollhouses?

  3. Hello Sam,
    How perfectly lovely. The new finish looks beautiful and is more subtle then the original. Well done! I admire any artist who can properly age a miniature structure and I think you did a good job!
    Big hug

  4. Looks great, I think you did a great job.

  5. The new colors look much nicer. Can't wait to see it progress.

  6. It does look much nicer in this colour, and I actually like the windows but appreciate that you have a vision of what you're after and it isn't these. I really look forward to seeing more of it as you go along!

  7. I have no doubt your building inspector was totally satisfied with your results... ;O)


  8. OMG Sam you have been busy, you have done so much since I last visited. Love the way you have "played" with this house to get a look you are happy with, it certainly looks aged now even though you're not quite at that point yet.

    Will be keeping a closer eye on the progress now you've been inspired by the baby poo comment.

  9. Wow, the new paint job on this house looks great!