Friday, December 15, 2017

Apple Blossom - Part Three

Hi everyone,
I attached the extension and I covered the house in the first layer of paper mache.
Yes, this is the embarrassing stage. It looks like a kindergarten project - not something a grown up would make.
I do have a rough vision of what this should look like one day.

This house will now sit up above my desk for a few weeks to make sure it is completely dry before I add anymore layers.

I think I will make a back for this dollhouse. The new windows are rather large and you can see too much background. Anyway, it will help keep out dust (and inquisitive little kitty cats!).
Speaking of whom, here is a quick pic of my boys.



  1. Oh Sam, it looks just like an old derelict building now, but I know it will be super wonderful when it's finished.

    The boys are looking rather pleased with themselves, makes me wonder what they have been up to. :)
    Big hugs,

  2. A few weeks?!?
    *stomps foot on the floor*
    Do we really have to wait that long? This is going to be so neat and I can't wait to see!!!

  3. I think the faces of your handsome boys show well what they're thinking about plans for adding walls to keep out inquisitive kitty cats... *LOL* And to me this state of this house looks like an art project... ;O)


  4. The house is coming along nicely. What a lot of work you are putting into it. Your boys do have a look on their face, don't they? Like "What, you plan on keeping us out of the dollhouse?? Whatever for?"

  5. Hello Sam,
    It is looking great! Absolutely no reason to be embarrassed!
    Those are 2 very handsome boys!
    Big hug

  6. Hi Sam!
    It will be nice to have those big windows once the interior of the house is underway. Meanwhile I am curious how you will keep the kitty cats away as the house is drying

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