Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Apple Blossom - Part One

Hi everyone.
Although work continues on Kinsey's, Hazel's and Dr Zoe's houses, I am also working on Luka's old house. For me, working on multiple houses is how I operate.
Here is the before picture.
And here it is "in progress".
I totally demolished the right side extension and rebuilt it. The original was made from cheap Balsa wood that was completely caving in on itself.
As for the tower, I was considering adding brick or stone to it when Luka stepped in. He said that he wanted it to look like Hazel's house, as he thought the tree-like texture was very interesting.
I must say, it is kind of difficult renovating a house as it is turning into a tree before your very eyes!

I enlarged the windows and moved the front door to the tower. I also cut out the wall to the extension for a more open concept.

Finally, here are the finished "bones" and the new second floor balcony. (I still need to attach the extension.)

And on a final note - I was in the thrift store when I came across this dollhouse for only $18.

You may notice this picture was taken inside my office – yes, I had to have it! I know it is another Apple Blossom, but for a solid wood dollhouse, the price was too good to leave behind. However, when I got it home, one of my kids claimed it for their own.
(Apparently, I am not allowed to have two dollhouses that are the same!)


  1. Hi Sam, I saw your post over at Greenleaf. I'm enjoying your blog. I have an Apple Blossom waiting to be built. For $18 I wouldn't pass it up either

    1. Hi Carrie, thanks. The Apple Blossom is a cute little house. Both of mine came pre-built, but I think you will enjoy building yours.

  2. Hello Sam,
    I really like the "tree house" concept. I think it will be terrific. As for owning 2 identical dollhouses, I think it could be a fun challenge to have 2 identical kits finished completely differently. I think your kid just really loved it.
    Big hug

    1. Thanks Giac. Yes, I would LIKE to finish two identical kits but my kids like them too.

  3. Wow! I'm loving the major remodel and the new tree tower concept! As for the new house, you can never have too many! And a daughter with a passion for minis? That is priceless!

    1. Thanks Jodi. (Actually, you CAN have too many dollhouses! I am such a sucker for a great deal and I have a literal army of houses waiting to be started and finished. My poor husband just puts up with me and my myriad of houses - bless him!)

  4. Bravo to Luka - he came up with the most wonderful idea for this house. And he's so lucky to have Builder Sam around! Speaking of lucky - this house was a lucky find for sure. For this price you had no chance to resist... although you were not allowed to keep it. ;O)


    1. Thanks Birgit. I think Luka's house will be interesting when it is finished. I love looking for bargains and I do find them from time to time.

  5. Hi Sam!
    This house has me fascinated and I can't wait to see Luka's face when he sets his little peepers on it when completed! Crikey, what am I saying, I can't wait to see it myself. You have such a great imagination. :)