Sunday, September 23, 2018

Moving Day

Kinsey and Kitty were now totally packed and ready for the movers to arrive.
As she waited by her piano, however, Kinsey had the most horrendous thought.

She had met with the moving man earlier in the week and she had told him that she had a piano to be moved. The man had assured her that it would be no problem, but now Kinsey imagined the worst.

Kitty, who was upstairs keeping an eye out for the moving van, suddenly exclaimed, "They are here!" breaking Kinsey out of her morbid thought.

Both girls went outside to meet them.

As the movers expertly backed the truck up to the house, Kinsey let out a gasp. For sitting on the back of the flatbed was none other than one of the guys who had helped move the piano into the house!
"I am so happy to see you!" exclaimed Kinsey to the muscly man.

"Ready for the big move?" asked the man in overalls. "Ready as I will ever be," replied Kinsey.

Kitty asked what the B&B stood for. The giant man standing behind them chuckled. "That is easy," he said. "It stands for 'Brains and Brawn'."

 "They are the brains and I am the brawn," said the man flexing his powerful arms. Kinsey went weak in the knees. (Muscular, handsome men seem to have that affect on her.)

"It actually stands for Bill and Bob. We are twin brothers," said the man in the blue shirt.

"And I'm Bruce, bold and brave!" said the tall man. Everyone laughed.

The guys then got to work and began emptying the house. Much to Kinsey's delight, the piano went on the truck first. Bruce was able to pick up the heavy objects very easily.

Once the truck was loaded and secured, Kinsey paid them for their hard work. She also handed them a gift basket. "Thanks for all of your hard work," said Kinsey gratefully.

The boys said that they were really going to enjoy the gift.
Time to get the truck rolling.


  1. Oh my... able to lift pianos and couches in a single bound.

    1. Yep, those muscles are for lifting!

  2. Ha ha! Sam, this was ~A~W~E~S~O~M~E~! Laugh-Out-Loud Funny! I love the black and white morbid thought photo, love the funny muscle man, and love that these characters, live cooperatively in spite of their size (and maybe species) differences! So much fun! Can't wait to see the next installment and the new place for the girls! :O)

  3. If I'll ever need to move I'd need the contact data of B&B Movers, please! A worker who is able to carry a whole sofa and piano all of his own… the work would be done within a finger's snap time. But... oh... wait a minute… that's impossible... I forgot I'm German... here in Germany Bruce would never be allowed to do this kind of work in sandals. *grin* What a lovely post - and I too had to laugh about Kinsey's black and white visions. Hopefully the truck will arrive very soon at the new place, I'm curious to see the new home.


    1. Thanks Birgit. I am glad you enjoyed it. (Hmm, I think the boys might enjoy taking a trip to Germany! But like you said, sandals are not exactly the right thing to wear when moving heavy objects!!!!)

  4. Great story!! He's a big fellow, no wonder Kelsey went weak at the knees ;)

  5. Cute story! It always helps to have big, strong men around to help you move! Tell Kinsey that muscular, handsome mem also make me weak in the knees!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. I will tell her!

  6. Hi Sam!
    Good to see you posting again. I enjoyed this story and the previous one too, you must have had fun making all them tiny boxes. :) I also admire your patience in staging all the photos.


    1. Hi Xanadu! Good to see you back again! (I don't know about how patient I am; everyone kept falling over, objects kept moving on their own, and I had to take a couple of deep breaths just to get these photos!)