Sunday, October 22, 2017

Bessie's House is Sold!

Kinsey leaned forward on her desk and sighed. It had been a really busy day.

Actually, it has been a really busy couple of weeks. "I am ready to retire," thought Kinsey.
Kinsey has been working around the clock as the dollhouses are being moved down to Willow Ridge. Even today, (on her day off), Kinsey was out showing a new client Bessie's old shop. A young entrepreneur named Hayley was very interested in the property.

But what really surprised Kinsey was the fact that she wanted all the vacant land next door.
Hayley said that she wants to open a caravan park, and if the surrounding acreage was not available then she would not be interested in buying this house.

Kinsey checked her listings and saw that the acreage was available. The two of them walked around the perimeter of the available land.
Kinsey also knew that this sale would incur a lot of extra paperwork.

They went back to the office to finish the transaction.

After signing all of the papers, Hayley could hardly believe that she was now the new owner. Her new business venture was about to begin!

After the keys had been handed over, Kinsey rested her head on the desk and promptly fell asleep.


  1. Very cute house - I love the For Sale sign! The scene set ups are such fun too! It would be a much better real life world if buying a house were really this easy. :O)

    1. Thanks Jodi. Yes, buying a house in the dollhouse world is MUCH easier than in real life!

  2. Hello Sam,
    I think she deserves a nice nap after all that work. I am sure Hayley will be very happy in her new shop.
    big hug

    1. Thanks Giac. Kinsey is a hard worker.

  3. Poor Kinsey, she really deserves her rest, sweet dreams to her... and no aching neck when she wakes up. But what a success... a fantastic sale for both sides. And I'm looking forward to see the caravan park.


    1. Thanks Birgit. (Kinsey took a quick nap and went home to sleep comfortably in her own bed. No stiff necks!)

  4. Oh my! Poor Kinsey, tired, worn out ... but think of the commission!! House and land is sure to increase the ol' bank balance a wee bit. :) Hayley will surely have her work cut out now, a caravan park is going to be a lot for such a tiny lass to sort out, however, she looks like she is having quite an adrenalin rush right now, so I'm sure she is ready to take on the world.

    Great fun post Sam!

    1. Thanks Xanadu. I think Kinsey is tired of being a realtor and she will be thrilled when Isabelle gets back! Hayley is one tough lass and is very excited to run a caravan park.